• Normal collection & shipping days are Monday and Thursday.  Semen is available for shipment or pickup at the farm most days, but please contact Bridgette for availability.
  • We do not offer overrun pricing, however we do negotiate contract and volume discounts.
  • Please call by 10:00 am CST for off season orders (January, February, June, August, December) to ensure collection.
  • Cancellations must be received by 9:00 am CST on collection days.
  • Purchases will be pre-paid, COD, or paid via credit card, unless prior credit has been established.
  • All semen shipped via UPS Next Day Air, unless requested otherwise.  Saturday Delivery is available in some locations, please call Bridgette to discuss options.
  • Once receiving your semen, store at 64 degrees, and gently rotate semen tubes twice daily. Do not refrigerate.
  • A.I. Certificates are $25 each
Boar Tours
Boar tours are available by request and we will make every effort to accommodate your schedule.  Boars are not shown on collection days or in the afternoons during the hot summer months.  For those requiring an overnight stay, we can even provide lodging in the DL Showpigs apartment!


Exclusion of Warranty
Although the use of artificial insemination is very successful, DL Showpigs cannot control the conditions under which the boar semen is used or the techniques used in application and, therefore, makes no warranties of representations beyond those made expressly herein. DL Showpigs warrants that the product sold is of adequate quality and viability for breeding swine at the time it leaves DL Showpigs. DL Showpigs makes no guarantees, warranties or representations, either written or oral, expressed or implied. Specifically, DL Showpigs makes no guarantees concerning conception rate or health of the product. In the event that any of our products are damaged in shipment or prove defective, damages resulting from their use shall be limited to the purchase value of the semen. In no event shall DL Showpigs be liable for consequential damages.

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